• Who We Are

    Who We Are

    Spiral Supports ™ Ltd. was founded in 2008 after a failing attempt to install a new shelf. We manufacture, from the very best materials, only one, truly innovational, patented...

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  • Our Products

    Our Products

    Shelves are notoriously difficult to assemble perfectly due to variables that are difficult to control. Even when using accurate drills, unstable and uneven shelves...

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Client Testimonials

“It’s just a matter of time before all shelf supports will be Spiral Supports”
Pelach Hai, Owner of “Wood Studio”

“Brilliant solution”

“They work exactly as advertised and are a pleasure to use. We definitely recommend Spiral Supports”
Stuart Deutsch, www.toolguyd.com

“A much-needed and ingenious invention”
John Wakefield, President, www.shelfsupports.net

“No More “Out of Whack” Shelves…A full step above the basic shelf support. These shelf pins up the ante and make leveling a shelf too easy”
Glen D. Huey, Popular Woodworking Magazine